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The Tincture team history in film and videogames stretches back to a time when 4MB was a lot of RAM. Since then we have helped create some of the biggest videogame franchises, worked directly for Hollywood’s heavy hitters and collaborated with corporations that are household names.

As technology rushes towards a kind of convergence between film, games, emergent technology and connectivity, we are focusing our efforts on Real-time visualization, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – from a hardware and software perspective – especially for use outside of the entertainment industries.

Our resources span across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia – no matter what time zone you live in, it is always a good time to get in touch with us.




Real-time visualization is the core of our company. From Architectural Visualization to multi-platform interactive representations of your most complicated statistics, if you need people to see something and understand the content, we will build it for you or even help you build it for yourself.

Quality Assurance

When moving from pre-rendered visualization to real-time, particularly with ‘off- the-shelf’ game engines, chasing down bugs and performance issues can be an endless frustration. Tincture offers exhaustive Quality Assurance and all levels of Performance Profiling, from single assets to your pipeline as a whole.

Team Construction

Finding good help is hard. From a long history, with many companies across multiple disciplines, Tincture knows what you need. We can assess you current team and see which roles are missing, how things could be structured better, find that special someone – or – put you in touch with industry partners who can take some of the load from your shoulders.